Attendance Tips

  • Do a raffle: “For the month of June all attendees will go into the draw to win $250 worth or gifts”. Change the month and the amount depending on your company promotions and rewards system. This works best if you make up some pretty flyers with spaces for your hostesses to fill in the time date and place. By replacing the normal invitations with these you are giving people an extra incentive to come along. Everyone loves winning a prize!
  • Offer theme parties like Bridal Showers, Sip and Soak, Chocoholics Night, Open Houses, Girls Night Out, Couples Party. These make the party interesting and people will want to come just to see what it’s all about.
  • Help your hostess out a bit by offering incentives for guest such as free gifts. If your company doesn’t provide samples then get same small chocolate bars and wrap a 5% off voucher around them.
  • If you think your hostess needs a boost give her a challenge. Decide what a reasonable number of guests would be and what a outstanding number of quests. Have two prizes one for the reasonable number (say 10) and something much better for the outstanding number (say 18).
  • Get guests to bring friends. For motivation put on the invitations “FREE gifts for everyone that brings a friend”. A voucher wrapped chocolates or a product sample would be a great reward.
  • Have an Ontime Drawing. If there’s a reason for being there on time your guests will try to memorise the date and time so that they can be in the draw. It also shows that your professional and will finish the party on time. You could also change this slightly and have a invitation draw, where those who bring there invitations go into a draw to win a prize. This means that everyone will be keeping their invitation in a safe place and therefore will not lose the details!
  • Make it less pressured. Tell the hostess that they pay when they receive it or introduce a layby system so that people can choose now and pay over a couple of weeks.