Theme Parties

  • Christmas Party – Doing a Christmas party is easy! Get red material for your display cloth and use some green or yellow tinsel and a few Christmas ornaments to decorate your display. Play Christmas music while people are coming in and settling down. Offer free gift wrapping and cards.
  • Death by Chocolate – Ask guests to bring a block of chocolate to share, while you drink chocolate milk. Give mini chocolate bars as prizes for any games you play. Buy a large 1kg block of chocolate to give to the hostess if she reached certain sales (this can be on top of or instead of current hostess specials – you will need to organise this with the hostess)
  • Fashion Parade – (For clothing and lingerie -if you dare- companies) Get all your guests to pick out an outfit that they would like to wear. Have everyone get up and parade the outfit around the room one at a time while you describe the outfit to the rest of the guests. Have a competition for the best model pose or walk.
  • Daddy Daycare – Organise a dad, or two to look after around the kids. Invite your guests over who are normally stuck at home with the kids for a pamper session and a couple fo hours break from the kids.
  • Sundae Madness – Asks all guests to bring a ice cream sundae topping (such as nuts, caramel sauce, raspberries, sprinkles, mini marshmallows… the list is endless!). The hostess supplies the ice cream and the guests get to eat their sundaes while the rest of the party is presented. Give a prize to the person who makes the best looking sundae.
  • Footy Fanatics – Gets all guests to come dressed in their favourite football teams colours. Get guests in the same team to team up for the games. Have a running total for the games and give a prize at the end of the party to the team with the most wins.
  • Hawaiian Holiday – Ask guest to wear their brightest Hawaiian shirt. Give guests leis as they arrive. Make up some mocktails and put paper umbrellas in them. Order a Hawaiian pizza for the end of the party.
  • Pizza Paradise – Ask your guests to each bring a pizza topping. Make mini pizzas on pita bread and put them in the oven on slow cook while the rest of the party is presented.